How to get emails from yourself using gmail and pop3

Google rocks in many ways – including gmail… but after moving a few of my clients to google hosted mail ( hosted using gmail servers), I ran into a snag.  Its not actually something I would have expected to ever hear… The actually call went like this:

Client: “I’m not getting all of my mail”

me: “Ok, what do you mean?”

Client: “I mean, not all of my mail is coming to my outlook”

me: “how do you know you are missing mail”

Client: “When I email myself, I don’t get the email – so I’m not getting all of my mail”

The first thing I did was log into the website and looked at the email online – and all of the emails the client sent to himself were there (I think there were over 10).  I can understand why the client came to the conclusion that email was missing, but it turns out it was only email from him to him.

Google has decided that you don’t actually want to get emails from yourself using pop3.  If you want email from yourself, either log into the website or use IMAP.  Well, my clients like Outlook, so the website is out, and IMAP puts their email in a new folder structure below the personal folders where they are used to getting it – not to mention the how the folder structure works with the label system gmail:  my clients just don’t like it.  So, it has to be pop and it has to be outlook – and it has to work, including emails to themselves.  I was surprised at how many of my clients called with the same issue.  I thought “Wow, these guys like to talk to themselves alot”…

Anyway… the answer is simple: when setting up outlook, you have to use “Recent Mode”.  Your next question, how do I do that?  Simple, but not intuitive – put “recent:” infront of your email address when you setup outlook.  ***Warning*** if you may end up with duplicate email from the last 30 days of email when you make this change – but if you want email from you to you using pop and gmail – you don’t have a choice.

So, your email address in the outlook email account setting page should look like this:


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