Creating HyperLinks in WordPress

This is a brief tutorial regarding how to create a hyperlink in your WordPress Post or Page. First we’ll talk about creating links to other sites – then we’ll talk about creating links to other area’s of your site.

Highlight the text you want to link:

MyLink –> highlightmylink

Click on the linkicon in the editor bar:


You will get a popup window asking for the information regarding where you want to link to:

Insert Link Popup

If you are linking to a page outside of your website – you should put the whole link including the http:// prefix. I also recommend you change the Target from “Open link in the same window” to “Open link in a new window”. This way, your visitors don’t leave your site when they click the link.

Relational Links:

If you are linking to another page on your site, you should only need to include the ‘rest of the link’ after your wordpress root. Why? There are technical reasons like less work on your visitor’s browser and less work on the server where your site is hosted, but here is the one I find to be the most of a hassle: if you ever move your site, relational links will continue to work – full links to your site will reflect the old path and will no longer work. For instance – let’s say, today you have wordpress installed in a subfolder – but you find you want to move it up to the root:

If you link to your about us page in a post using the full link –, when you move your site it will no longer work because the new path to your about us page is now To address that issue, you could update every link in your site, OR use relational links. Instead of linking to – you would like to /about. Now the link is in relation to where your site is – so when you move – it knows where to find the about us page.

You may be thinking, “but I’m never going to move my site…” — and you may not, but I’ve fixed many sites for site owners that had the same thought but found that they did need to move the site for whatever reason.

Now that you are convinced that relational links are the way to go – here’s how to create one:

If I want to link to my about page I would highlight the text –


Click the link icon – and put the Link URL without the http:// prefix or your wordpress root site:

AboutUs Link

In this case – you want the Target to “Open link in the same window” because you aren’t sending visitors to another website – just another great page on your site!

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