WordPress 2.7 is the Microsoft Frontpage for Web2.0

When a co-worker said that earlier today, I must admit I was at first put off.  I’m not a frontpage fan and I think frontpage websites look horrible.  But then I gave it some thought.  Frontpage made creating a website easy and intuitive; it was an amazing product at the time.  WordPress makes creating high quality websites easy and intuitive; it is an amazing Web2.0 product.

I’ve been using wordpress since version 2.0 and there have been major improvements over the years – but version 2.7 takes the cake!  The new admin panel is a great improvement to an already amazing product.  There are many features I love about the new version, but my personal favorite is the ability to upgrade the core from the admin panel.  In the previous version they introduced the ability to automatically upgrade plugins – a feature that worked most of the time for me.  But if you wanted to update wordpress itself, you either manually upgraded or you installed the wpau plugin.  Now its a couple of clicks from the admin panel.

The admin panel itself is more user friendly than ever before; a newly added navigation bar, a dashboard that displays relavent information, a quickpress option to brain dump a post faster than ever, and the ability to edit metadata without having to navigate through the posts themselves – just to name a few of the improvements.

WordPress is quickly positioning itself to become a household name as a leading provider of Web2.0 websites.

2 thoughts on “WordPress 2.7 is the Microsoft Frontpage for Web2.0

  1. John

    Hello SackRider, Thanks for the info.

    Can I get a template like yours and then edit in frontpage.
    Is yours there I like it if you don’t mind.

    Can I sell Amazon books on a wordpress blog?

    I have a huge news item i would like to post, and also put up links to books and some click ads in case they can do some good.
    thank youm

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