Social Networking

Barack Obama was able to raise record breaking funds for his 2008 campaign using the power of social networking.  Social Networking websites like Facebook, and Twitter can be a major aid to your business – but they can also be an amazingly time consuming task; creating profiles on each of the popular sites, building friend lists, updating your status, responding to others status, on and on… And there’s no guarantee of new traffic or sales!

The next generation of online shoppers prefer using Facebook over email for communication.  Whether your business is just starting up or well on its way, you can’t afford to ignore social networking – but how can you effectively get started without losing yourself in tweets, updates, and Facebook snowball fights?  Let us help.

Our social networking package will setup a Twitter page and a Facebook profile (the two hottest social networking sites online right now).  But you could do that yourself without much difficulty – here is where we add real value:

We will:

  • create a Twitter account
  • add a custom Twitter background
  • create a Facebook profile
  • setup Twitter and Facebook status to sync AUTOMATICALLY
  • setup Twitter to ‘tweet‘ your RSS feed AUTOMATICALLY
  • add your current customers to your Twitter and Facebook profiles
  • setup auto-follows on Twitter
  • setup auto-replies for Twitter followers, letting them know your Facebook and website addresses.